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COMPUTEX 2019 | NVIDIA Studio Laptops: certified for creative professionals

NVIDIAs reveal of something big during the press con was slowly diminishing as most were expecting the “super” cards revealed. Sadly, everything was slowly going to a close when these laptops were bridged on the NVIDIA Studio they are releasing.

They didn’t want something to be released in the market much like the RTX. Where it had limited room to make it “shine” (get it? cause shine and reflections then RTX?) but with this they are learning from the small oopsies in the past and partnering with brands in delivering the perfect systems that would do extremely well with NVIDIA Studio.

They still had creators in mind. people who crunch up huge resources to render and create stuff for people. They needed power and mobility which doesn’t really work in most cases as you end up sacrificing one or the other.

The NVIDIA studio laptops are priced, starting at $1599. – A tad pricey but if you consider the specs and the market involved; you’ll be saying “That’s pretty good” even if you’re not the receiving side of the purchase.

Imagine having an RTX card up to a Quadro in a laptop with 4K HDR displays backed up with a generous amount of RAM, storage, and a top of the line processor – All in a Max-Q thin and light design. The price you’re paying for isn’t just for the parts, but rather for the convenience you get and also the engineering that went into these products to make it work.

Different leaders from the creative field were there to bring their testimonies alive in their own separate “work spaces” NVIDIA was cool enough to have them try out the laptops. These creatives travel a lot and was good – since we’ll also see how the machines would fare against travel.

Even these world renown creators we’re surprised on the effectiveness of the laptops – perfect for travel and convenient use for work.



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