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COMPUTEX 2019 | Kailh: “Brighter than the Sun”

Kailh was one of the booths in Computex 2019 that I wanted to check out because of my hobby with keyboards – Was actually surprised they had more applications for clickers.

The tinkerer in me got switched when there was plenty of clickers and electronic testers in the booth – The kid in me loved playing around and feeling every other switch in the booth like I’d force myself to know the difference.

I actually wish that most top mouse options in the market could carry Kalih switches in default.




Their new addition to the Kalih family of switches is the “Sun Switch”
At first glance, these switches look like regular white boxless switches.

These feel like a mushier box white switch – it “feels” heavy but we we’re surprised to know the “Sun” switches actuate and operates at a lighter weight than the Cherry Blues or the Kalih Box Whites. The lighter operation force might have also contributed to the mushier feeling of the switch when you try it out.

For people who are users to tactile switches – The Kalih Sun Switches are worth trying as the click and weight feels refreshingly familiar; it has that sound and feel but it actually operates on a lighter weight (comparable to Cherry Browns and Reds) and actuates at a ever so slightly shorter distance than the Box Whites and Cherry Blues.


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