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COMPUTEX 2019 | ID COOLING – “I’d Be Cool Like That”

ID Cooling had an eye-catching booth – but what makes me like their whole display is the simplicity and non-congested setup. It was cool to see some upcoming products in progress but at the same time sad to see that much of it. But was able to see some stuff that I would like to be released in the PH market once it comes out.

Not to be confused but the weird cases seen in the booth is just custom built to display the ID cooling product lines. The most notable of these cases is the pink one.

This build is special as this features the Pink ZF12025s – These we’re teased by ID Cooling a couple of weeks ago and hinted to be released soon. The PINKFLOW 240mm coolers we’re also available to see here and even customized to be used with the GPU.

We set our eyes on this small little guy (top right) – It caught my eye as we only know that the SF series has a snow edition. This is the Snow version of the DF12025 – They mentioned in the booth that it was still on progress; but something to get excited about is that they plan to have all the series of fans in the product catalog to have it’s own Snow Edition variant.

Here’s some close up of some “work in progress stuff”

New RGB cooler – still a work in progress but this is the product that’s showing the soonest completion date as far as we heard

This is something cool that will probably appeal to both modders and people a little skeptical or fazed by the idea of watercooling. What you’re looking at below is an AIO cooler that can fit on any standard waterblock. but wait, how does this be something of use to modders who do custom loops? ID cooling is aiming on the possibility to add this on a custom loop as it’s already compatible with standard fittings and blocks. 

I’m a bit excited on this one – This is 3 fans on a single frame, they made this to be used on 360 radiators. but why did they make this in the first place? Well, if you’ve been using their fans for a long time, or maybe any brand – It is rather annoying to have multiple cables to control and fix; with this system, the whole frame acts like 1 fan thus only routing everything on a single plug

We have a close up of the 2 items previously mentioned in the list – But wait, did you notice the fan between? Yep that’s a ZF fan, that’s 140mm.

Their display also had us thinking – “Wow, they really have a lot of coolers” We rarely see their whole product line all available in one shop. Wishing they could kind of coordinated with more distributors to really supply the big demand of the philippines

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