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COMPUTEX 2019 | Ducky: Peripheral Poison

Ducky had one of the best staff that I’ve stumbled upon the whole Computex. David walked me through the whole booth and was cool enough to be very detailed with the whole description of everything new and coming in the next months to come.


First up the list is the – Mecha Mini. This isn’t a single keyboard but apparently, this first release will hopefully start the “Mecha” series.
The Mecha Mini features a 60% layout in an Aluminum casing – An embodiment of the style and finesse present in some of the keyboard enthusiasts these days as the prized weighted Alu-case on their custom keyboards – and Ducky is here to bring the Alu-case at a package you’re sure to get in the coming Q3 2019.

Another goodie comin at Q3 2019 is the One 2 SF – SF meaning 65. we all know that some people just misses their arrow keys so they decided to add some more keys on the popular 60% layout – thus the One 2 SF. The SF will come in the original colorways that the original One 2 came in.

Something to look forward to is the Ducky Freedom. No ETA for this one but they’re expecting this at 2020. This monster features 3 points of connectivity from your traditional wired, bluetooth, and wireless. Through rigorous testing and use the keyboard currently lasted around 2 months – There are some hurdles that they plan to go over such as figuring out to have RGB running when not connected as the RGB doesn’t work when using solely wireless or bluetooth.

Varmilo also is still in close relations with Ducky in providing themed keyboard sets to the market.

The prized “Zodiac” keyboard of the year goes to the year of the pig edition keyboard from Ducky which they’re only planning to release a total of “2019” units – witty. the keyboard features a special legend and font and an engraved metal art work at the front side of the case. We can also see the 65% layout used within this keyboard as well as artisans representing agility, courage, nobility, and love- which are a homage to one of the major tribes in Taiwan.

Ducky had so much stuff to offer from region specific keyboards,

to their gaming chairs,

and even new colorways for their existing keyboards coming in the next few weeks such as a new color for their “Shine 7” – I actually suggested white and have it named Whiteout.

Big thanks for the small souvenirs they handed to us as well.


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