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COMPUTEX 2019 | Asrock: “The Ghost Rider in the Storm”

Asrock is one of the brands better known for their motherboards. Who can forget or not distinguish the popular Taichi series. What makes Asrock really cool is that they’re on top of their game without being too flashy with the RGB and that’s kind of non-existing in this time and age where all brands spewed out RGB on a product line every so often.



With the X570 – AMD hype it’s already bound to happen – Asrock trying to outweigh the competition by a margin if not by design; then by the sheer number of variants in a single product line at least.

With high regard, Asrock’s Phantom Gaming series is one of the cool motherboard lines. These 2 Phantom Gaming mobos are special by just looking or reading their specs; the Phantom Gaming X features RGB with the armor plate that’s supposed to extend the cooling for the chipset to the NVME slots.


– While the ITX Phantom Gaming mobo features what appears to be Thunderbolt available right off the bat.

Of course we wouldn’t forget the flagship X570 of Asrock which is the Aqua which; from it’s name, is made to be integrated in a custom water cooling loop. I’m a sucker for light color plated boards – And this just makes it standout above all the other boards available in Computex. What makes it even cooler is that it has not 1 but 2 thunderbolt access and even a serial number visible at the bottom right side of the board. This in particular is “002”.

Steel Legend is also coming back with a subdued urban camo approach coupled with metal accents and subtle RGB all around – and a Thunderbolt header to spare if you can purchase a Thunderbolt card to plug in.

Asrock never really skips out in putting something or just filling the motherboard with stuff that you wouldn’t expect to be there from dual Thunderbolt type C access of the Creator and Aqua

to the compact X299E that’s supposed or expected to be bigger, as its supposed to be the main board for a HEDT.


Even the normal more mainstream X570 releases looks decent – and of course we wouldn’t want to forget the Deskminis available in the booth as well.


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