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COMPUTEX 2019 | AORUS: “The Quick and The Curved”

AORUS made big steps in the monitor market last 2018 by unveiling their AD27QD in the market – But rather, it was a step made too far off.

It was a good monitor to say the least – It combined the idea of AORUS software and the whole beefed up monitor;  but it seems it might be taking the monitor too far.

Computex 2019 was a big week for Gigabyte Aorus – creating new technology and such. But for me I think one of the best steps they took is addressing segmentation of their super beefy monitor by creating “personas” of it and specializing on each use while keeping the awesome software they have on the original monitor.

They launched 3 monitors all from the original AD27QD – same design features and all still carrying the software of the original monitor but all specializing on their own use. The KD25F (FPS Monitor), CV27Q (Curved QHD monitor), and the CV27F (Curved FHD monitor).

The KD25F is the FPS specialist monitor – No curves, 240hz, the 24.5in display, and a 0.5ms response rate. They focused on frame rates and FPS with the KD while still being able to have a rather decent 100% sRGB with a TN panel; and when focus meets something that Aorus develops – something epic comes to life. These all still carry the ergonomic handle, the sleek stand design, as well as the software that makes Aorus monitors – “Tactical” – We’re also hearing reports that Aorus marketing are fighting to have this model be priced below 20k for the PH market.

The CV27F and the CV27Q are actually the same segment but the F one being a rather budget version of the curved persona of monitors. The only difference of the monitors are their resolution; F for 1080p and Q for 1440p – but other than that the curved monitor persona of Aorus carries 1500R curved panel which is a step up the usual 1800R curve

165hz, 1ms response time, Freesync 2, and 90% DCI-P3 with 8 bits of color. These curved series were made to maximize use for applications that are more immersive or enjoyable in curved settings such as driving and flight simulators or adventure and open world games.

We’ll also be expecting these monitors to be priced a bit less than the mother AD27QD monitor as these we’re made to address a segment in the market and be absolutely in charge of that specific area.

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