COMPUTEX 2019 | Noctua: Perfection Perfected

One of the coolest looking booths that don’t take up that much space is probably the little brown booth at the “I” area at the side of the 1st floor halls of Computex.

You can literally differentiate it from the rest of the surrounding booths with its unorthodox coloring much like what it sets it aside from its competitors as well in the cooling arms race.

Noctua has a lot of stuff displayed – 90% of all the products are “in progress” but this is better than seeing a booth just displaying stuff already available; it’s boring and people won’t really have something to look forward to.

Leading the charge is the next generation A series fans; these are in progress and has an ETA of 2021. There’s huge engineering that goes into these products as we’ve talked to Daniel from Noctua; added the fact that this variant comes in 140mm, slim 140mm, slim 80mm, and slim 70mm – let’s also not forget about these fans changes aerodynamics when size changes – so we just can’t say that “we’re just re-sizing the 120mms”.

We can also expect other versions of the Chromax fans being expanded to the NF-A20, NF-A9, NF-A9x14, NF-A8 for Q4 2019 and NF-A12x25, NF-A12x15 for Q1 2020.

Something to be hyped about – (Finally) a White Chromax coming in the NF-A15 PWM, NF-A14 PWM and NF-F12 – and we’re talking about everything being white; from cables to the vibration pads. and estimated to be arriving at Q2 2020.

Going back to the existing Chromax product line – the all black design; what if we tell you that the teased all black heatsink and fan is coming soon? Well, according to estimates; we can expect these to arrive at Q4 this year. and its not just one cooler but the NH-D15, NH-U12S and NH-L9i.

The U series will also get some love as the team from Noctua has confirmed a Redux line for the NH-U12 and Chromax heatsink covers finally fitting on the NH-U14S and NH-U14S TR4-SP3 at around Q3 2019

Back to the next generation A series – Noctua has something in store for Q1 2020. the next generation of cooler based of the D15 and D15S is coming, 1 heatpipe more and an additional 10% on surface area. This will also be bundled with the NT-H2 thermal compound and support multi-socket with a version with a larger baseplate for TR4 support.

The cooling leader just took the challenge and answered the long time question of passive cooling – “Can we make this look a little more in line with the regular cooler size?” and the answer is yes through engineering; they made the fins thicker and space between fins more distant. This concept is still in development but imagine that this “concept” is still in progress but currently running on a system on their booth.

Some cool non-pc stuff is also at the booth. a concept desk fan that applies a whole lot of aerodynamic engineering and scent diffuser that runs with the super silent fans




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