COMPUTEX 2019 | Corsair Hydro X: Wet Work for Keeps

Corsair is getting into the custom liquid cooling scene by releasing a full line up of hardware from CPU and graphics card water blocks to a pump/reservoir, fittings, tubing, radiators, and coolant. The Hydro X Series offers everything you need to build a spectacular custom cooling loop that lowers system temperatures and improves performance, complete with vivid RGB lighting.


Rigorously tested and validated to ensure the utmost reliability and stability, the Hydro X Series has been meticulously designed to work best alongside the massive range of CORSAIR cases and cooling components, fully integrated with CORSAIR iCUE software for automated fan and pump speed control and complete lighting customization.

The Hydro X series brings watercooling to consumers at a more convenient and commercialized level – aiming for better compatibility and rather extending their “ecosystem” to a far more greater height.

From the the fittings, reservoir, and waterblocks – Corsair has developed everything to avoid problems or to make sure they don’t miss anything

The XG7 is said to be the waterblock that aims to be fully compatible a wide variety of RTX cards – The problem with most waterblocks available in the market is the default variant is always made to fit the reference card design – This however, aims to fit a more wider range of cards. They also made this a complete package to make installation easy such as having a pre applied thermal material, a full length aluminum back panel, and RGB lighting

The XD5 Pump and Reservoir combo is a neat bundle as you have both the pump integrated to the reservoir – together with a 330ml capacity, RGB mounted lighting, and thermal sensor. This is a good all in one bundle.

The Hydro X series also features fittings of all shapes, angles, and sizes and of course radiators that go up from 120mm all the way to 480mm, and both soft and hardline tubing.

Will having Corsair carry watercooling products make you more secured in purchasing your own custom loop kit?[


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