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ePLDT stresses importance of holistic strategy in business resiliency planning

Despite advances in technology, business governance and planning are still very crucial when mitigating disasters in today’s highly volatile world. This is according to ePLDT’s VP and Head of Disruptive Business Group Nico Alcoseba, who recently led the discussion in this year’s IT-BPM Business Resiliency Summit. “Success in mitigating disasters involves not just the best […]

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ASG Technologies to Host Second Annual EVOLVE Conference for Leaders in Enterprise IT

PHILIPPINES – ASG Technologies, the leading provider of proven solutions for information access, management and control, announced its annual EVOLVE customer conference, taking place in Chicago, Illinois, USA from October 1-3, 2018. The event will feature keynote addresses from Mike Walsh, best-selling author and CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing business for the 21st century and Anton Levy – managing director and global head of technology at General Atlantic, a leading global growth […]

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FINTECH | EasyDebit: One of the Philippines’ leading fintech solutions successfully executes EMV transactions

MANILA – Irish International fintech company, Fexco has successfully completed migration to EMV – Europay, Mastercard and Visa – processing in the Philippines  for its  EasyDebit  microATM solution ahead of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas deadline. The transition to EMV processing comes amidst industry-wide challenges on the migration from the less secured Magstripe (magnetic stripe) technology to […]

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Deep learning and HPC servers powered by AMD EPYC and Radeon Instinct

Deep learning and high-performance compute is just another milestone for AMD with the introduction of ready-to-deploy server platforms from their partners that are powered by Radeon Instinct and EPYC processors. These new solutions continue AMD’s recent momentum in compute, following the demonstration of 7nm Radeon “Vega” professional/datacenter graphics and announcement of the next generation 7nm EPYC processor codenamed, “Rome,” shipping later […]

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5 Ways AI Is Building A Better, Brighter Future For Asia

All across Asia, a hotly-debated topic amongst business leaders, government policymakers, academics and industry experts is the potential impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on society. Understandably, some take a cautious view when it comes to AI development, sometimes painting a grim, dystopic future where large swathes of the population are rendered jobless, access […]