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New Zoho Analytics Enables Organizations to Make Smarter Business Decisions Using AI Powered Assistant

Philippines – January 2019 – Zoho today announced the release of Zoho Analytics 4.0, its most advanced self-service business intelligence and analytics platform yet. The new release unleashes the power of big data, enabling organizations to analyze massive amounts of data in a much more efficient way and derive critical business insights. “The Business Intelligence market is evolving […]

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Five ways how Oracle NetSuite can make global business within your reach

In today’s business, technology has come a long way that makes any business capable of competing, not just in a local or regional scale, but in the global market place. How do is this possible? A company needs to be data driven, innovative, agile and able to respond rapidly to market dynamics. Here are five […]

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Site24x7 Introduces AI-driven Microsoft Azure Monitoring and Microsoft Teams Chatbot Integration

MANLA, Philippines – November 21, 2018: Site24x7, the cloud-based performance monitoring solution for DevOps and IT Operations, today announced the introduction of its AI-powered Microsoft Azure monitoring as well as its chatbot integration with Microsoft Teams. Site24x7 Azure monitoring enables IT teams to manage over 100+ Azure products using Azure Insights API in near real-time thus making it […]

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Zoho Deepens Analytics and AI in Customer Experience Platform

Manila—November 21, 2018 —Zoho today unveiled the next generation of Zoho CRM Plus, its all-in-one customer experience platform that empowers Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Operations to work as one. Now, Zoho customers have complete visibility of their customers across departments rather than partial views. Fueled by Zia, Zoho‘s AI-powered assistant, and the enhanced Zoho Analytics, Zoho‘s business intelligence and reporting platform, Zoho CRM Plus helps […]

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Microsoft begins re-releasing the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Earlier this month Microsoft released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update and a few days later paused its rollout. Apparently, some users reported serious data loss issues more specifically with user files including documents, photos, music, and other files. Initial findings across various sources point out that it may be some group policy issues, some […]

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Powering the brave new blockchain world

Imagine for a moment you are transported back to the late 1980s and early ‘90s – the Internet was systemic transformation affecting almost all aspects of people’s lives and processes. Certainly, many were skeptical as typified by this Newsweek article. We may be living through a similar moment today as more people across multiple industries highlight […]

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Nvidia’s Turing-based Quadro RTX GPUs are powered by 16GB Samsung GDDR6 Memory

Nvidia unveiled their new Turing-based Quadro RTX GPUs recently and they are the first in the industry to utilize the new high-speed GDDR6 memory from Samsung Electronics. Their 16-gigabit (Gb) Graphics Double Data Rate 6 (GDDR6) memory is 75 percent more powerful over 8Gb GDDR5 with its 8Gbps pin speed. End users can expect improved performance […]

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Intel redesigned the SSD for Data centers, can store up to 32 TB

Due to the high stress environment of data centers, the power-hungry spinning hard disk drives that hum, buzz, runs warm (or even hot), and would require fans and expensive cooling systems, and can crash unexpectedly, are quickly disappearing. To answer to this demand, Intel is introducing a new breed of solid state drives, the PCIe-based […]