Build Review | Tecware Vega and Arc F3: Buy or Bust?

“Tecware has been in the works with holiday releases – I believe this is a response to the Tecware Void and Orbis Spectrum from the past; but I think it falls a bit short on some expectations.”

Tecware has been working with a lot of designs the whole year with refining cases and RGB integration to different items. The long family line of the “RGB black case” that they’ve been developing since the rushed release of the Tecware Void is long and some of the cases are even impossible to find these days.

The Tecware Orbis Spectrum product line is one of the releases that Tecware dropped in great success – Both the fan and lighting kit is cool and doesn’t feel cheap. Average airflow with rolling light effects with little problems with the hub is heavily proven as this product line has been my main lighting and cooling kit on MATILDA (personal rig) since release.

Fast forward to another Tecware holiday release – we see 2 similar releases that are under some expectation to surpass past releases – but can they really outmatch the past?

The Tecware F3 kit like the Orbis Spectrum is an LED Fan and Lighting Kit release – The F3 however features an LED Fins and supposed to be higher CFM, as for the lighting kit, they went back to the basics and had it like a regular flexible LED strip unlike a a thick LED bar from the Orbis.

For me – The Orbis Spectrum is still a better buy. The F3 doesn’t have adjustable fan speeds, the light modes aren’t that much complicated unlike the Orbis, and the lighting kit just feels cheap. The new release of the Orbis Spectrum offers RGB Sync to a whole range of brands and I think it helps it surpass the F3. The airflow felt more significant on the Orbis too and I also had small lighting problems with the F3 through the hub – this was also flagged to me when I went to Dynaquest Makati, I saw the same fans and case with the same lighting problem.

Tecware didn’t drop the Orbis Spectrum and they even released an updated version – At this stage, if they don’t offer the same cool features or at least a better version of the Orbis set of features to the F3 then the F3 fan and lighting kit is better off as a last resort.

The big black case in the room – The Tecware Vega is the latest release from a family of developmental cases of Tecware that stems up to the Tecware Void (which we happen to build on way back) The Vega aims to finish a whole lot of hurdles with the challenges set by those before it. Mainly, cooling and airflow was the first challenge it has to excel on, second was weight, and third was the price to value ratio.

The Tecware Vega is extremely light for a tempered glass case – re-positioning and building on this one took very little physical effort.

The minimalist magnetic dust covers we’re nice to have, although it was a bit annoying to slip with when gripping the case on the filters during carrying or re-positioning.

The case came with few paperwork and no manual unlike some of Tecware’s chassis options. I believe they were cost cutting on the case to deliver it at the price it is listed at.

The standoff screw holes were fine, at least they didn’t “screw” it up during the cost cutting process.

Another thing they shorted out is drive support – There are SSD tray slots at the back but they didn’t include one. They also didn’t have an HDD tray which was always welcomed as they we’re present with older Tecware cases such as the Titan (I believe I still have an extra from mine).

Front panel removal was the simple pop on – pop off, it was sturdy but removing it was also no issue. The tempered glass on the front panel was also a bit light so be careful when popping the front panel off.

Even though they lack rubber grommets, The placements of the holes to direct cabling was enough. I wish they didn’t skip out on it though.

A little recommendation we do want to point out is to use more powerful fans if you’d opt to go with this case. with the F3s, the intake on the front was choking due to having a magnetic filter and also a filter on the side vents. It did help to remove the magnetic filter and let the side vent filters do the work. However, do take notice of cleaning the room where the PC is located.

With the Front Magnetic Dust Filter it was Idling at 45-46c

Final Thoughts and Recommendations


Tecware made a lot of effort to release these 2 products. However, we believe that the F3 fell short of making a breakthrough – let alone surpass the Orbis Spectrum. We’d rate the F3 fan and lighting kit to be “Buy as last resort”

The Tecware Vega, is a great case to have if you like showing off your internal system – There are some cost cutting made with the manufacturing but nevertheless the weight of the case is extremely light and the overall utility of the case is vast and broad due to a generous clearance limit and also the minimalist black box style was maximized to an extent on the attempt to release this case – just remember to use decent aftermarket fans.


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  1. hi there – I have the same case and would like to know if you can recommend better fans to replace the stock fans? currently, I have 3 fans in front and 1 at the back. would you also recommend put 2 more on top? thank you

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