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Cyber Security

Intel Processors now utilizing iGPU for Malware Scanning. Securing down to the hardware level

Last week during the RSA Conference 2018, Intel announced two new technologies—Threat Detection Technology (TDT) and Security Essentials. These are hardware-based built-in security features across Intel processors for threat detection without compromising system performance. Intel’s Threat Detection Technology (TDT) offers hardware-level telemetry helping security products detect new classes of threats and exploits. It’s two main […]

Tech News

LIAN LI Debuts PC-O11 Dynamic Chassis

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd., a premium manufacturer of custom chassis and high-end PC cases, has recently brought an addition to their family of enthusiast chassis, the PC-O11 Dynamic Chassis. It features a multi-chamber box design that focuses on flexibility and compatibility for a lot of watercooling options. It supports up to […]

Cyber Security

Windows 7 PCs more vulnerable due to Microsoft’s own patch for Meltdown

If you haven’t heard of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, these are security flaws discovered by researchers earlier this year found in computer processors from all manufacturers: Intel, ARM, and AMD, which means all current and previous generations of PCs, servers, and mobile phones are vulnerable to data theft. It became even worse on the […]