ASUS ROG XG49V | Huge Monitor, High Frames, Less Worries

ASUS has been one of the top players in the high resolution category. With excellent track record and an impeccable mark on the display business. from 1080p to 4k, ASUS has excelled and they aren’t stopping there – With this offering to crash the Ultrawide market; We said crash as this was a huge surprise even for us and perhaps other ASUS users as well.



The XG49V is a huge monitor with a stand that has a couple of different features. It is worth noting that we appreciate the stand doesn’t have a similar length foot at the back – this way you can have less problems having the back closer to the wall or at least not have the back foot sticking outside of the table.

ASUS is slowly leaning towards the not-so aggressive design with this product and there really isn’t anything wrong with that – an ultrawide monitor fits with a sleek design like what ASUS did with the XG49V.

An extremely intimidating monitor that takes up the space of around 2 standard monitors. It wouldn’t be new for buyers to actually have this monitor to have it span over the full length of there desks.

The monitor’s multipurpose stand has a hole the protrudes from the back and front to serve as a cable and monitor passthrough which greatly aides with cable management.

Cable management made easy. One of the best implementations we’ve seen so far.

Monitors at this range offers more than function. Assembly is usually associated with a tool-less design which you have to lock the monitor into place on the monitor post and have the feet lock at the bottom of the monitor post. The XG49V is no exception;  We did however expect some parts to require some tools as this is one massive monitor – Though everything holds perfectly with the whole tool-less approach



The XG49V falls to the category outside of standard ultrawide which covers around anything below 48 inches of ultrawide screen space – This being 49in covers the terms for super ultrawide gaming.

The main issue with super ultrawide gaming is having a resolution high enough to not have pixels looking uncomfortably visible and spaced out – Usually we would play around at 1440p and 4k on super ultrawide monitors. This being a 1080p monitor got us questioning – “Why?” Then we remembered that this monitor was rocking at 144hz, HDR400, 125% sRGB and topping it all on a VA Panel.

It has pretty decent viewing angles together with the 1800R curve which is steeper than other known curved monitors – We did however find the display quite sufficient even with the lower than usual resolution but this monitor was made to be used with the extra features it came with such as the Freesync and HDR.


Even as a super ultrawide monitor – we did discuss that this was made to reach higher frames which justifies the use for the 1080p – with this it perfectly matches for a freesync monitor to be compatible with Gsync options as long as it stays within the frames threshold (FreeSync 2 HDR Capable, G-Sync Compatible but has to maintain 48-144fps in games).

HDR OFF (top) vs HDR ON (bottom)

This monitor has a lot of connectivity options – like a lot of em.
1x DisplayPort (for 144hz), 2x HDMI 2.0 (can only go up to 120hz), 2x USB 3.0, 1x earphone jack (3.5mm). and everything fits snugly below the monitor which make it easy to access by just raising the monitor.

Some little icing over the cake or just features over the main features are a number of display modes (FPS mode, RTS/RPG, sRGB mode, Racing mode, Cinema Mode, Scenery mode, Shadow Boost.) and a directional joystick for OSD navigation.

We noticed some backlight bleed which tends to be visible – but we found it to be less an issue as we’ve kept into account some other more horrid experiences with backlight bleeders. And as a monitor that needs to be rocked with most of its features, the bleeding seems less noticeable with most of the features optimized before using.

Recommendations and Conclusion

The monitor being a super ultrawide display at 1080p is something that would steer most of it’s market away from it – however the XG49V along with its other features wasn’t made just to be displayed or turned on but be used with those features.

Even the bleeding of the backlight can be less noticeable when using different modes and the HDR feature.

This behemoth of a monitor is perfect for super ultrawide enthusiasts which aim to reach high frames without stressing their graphics card that much. The features and display quality can also level the playing field for higher resolutions alternatives but not all together.

  • 144hz refresh rate + FreeSync 2 HDR in 1080p resolution, will not eat up your GPU power
  • Tons of tweaking options and presets
  • Easy assembly, sturdy build
  • Great cable management
  • Decent viewing angles
  • Though 1080p resolution is good for gaming performance, somehow  the 32:9 aspect ratio feels like you have two separate 24″ monitors mashed together. 1080p might be too narrow for some people.

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