REVIEW | ASUS ROG XG32VQR Monitor – Stepping Up Your Monitor Game

ASUS Republic of Gamers stands as a brand that gamers love as they bring to the table the kind of hardware that will give them the competitive edge in any gaming scenario. The ROG XG32VQR is no exception to this as it has all the visual performance features that you could ask for: 144hz high refresh rate, AMD FreeSync 2 and HDR 400 processing.

As a 1440p 32″ monitor that is equipped with a VA Panel, the XG32VQR brings 125% sRGB color accuracy and a steep 1800R curve that will provide an immersive experience without compromise.

Quick Specs

  • Panel – 31.5″ VA
  • Resolution – 2560 x 1440
  • Max Refresh Rate – 144hz
  • Response time – 4ms
  • Curvature – 1800R
  • Color Gamut – 125% sRGB, 94% DCI-P3
  • HDR Certification – HDR400
  • Weight – 9.6kg


The ASUS XG32VQR follows the same design and build as other high-end ROG monitors in the market with the signature base and ROG logo lighting on the bottom. The back also has RGB lighting that is compatible with the ASUS AURA RGB software.

There are also cable management options with this monitor thanks to the back cover and routing hole on the neck of the stand.

You can also swivel and tilt the monitor and adjust the height according to you needs. Being an 1800R Curved monitor, pivoting the monitor to portrait mode is not option .

For navigation, you can find the control buttons on the back of the right side. As for connectivity you will find your standard HDMI, DisplayPort, audio, USB connections, and power.

On Screen Display menu

ASUS has one of the most comprehensive OSD menus in their gaming monitors and this is not an exception. One can find a lot of flexibility in adjusting the color, setting different modes, as well as play areound with the GameVisual and GamePlus modes to assist with your gameplay.

Viewing Angles

Viewing angles on the other hand is pretty good thanks to the monitor’s VA Panel. We looked this using the Lagom viewing angle test and found that the monitor gives a faithful gamma representation even at extreme angles.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

The XG32VQR is HDR 400 certified and turning it on really adds contrast and makes the pictures more vivid in HDR Content. We tested this out with Division 2 is one of the games that has HDR support which can be enabled on the Graphics settings when an HDR capable monitor is present. You can see the photos below how HDR affects picture quality.

As you can see on the photos below, HDR mode gives a lot of vibrant contrast to colors and increases the brightness in some of the game areas. The blacks are deeper too giving you a lot of detail in the shadow effects.

AMD FreeSync 2

The XG32VQR’s effective variable refresh rate ranges at at 48-144hz meaning that the monitor will adjust it’s refresh rate to match the in-game FPS as long as it’s running 48-144fps with VSync ON.

We tested AMD FreeSync with Counter Strike: Global Offensive in our RX 5700 system maintaining a consistent 144fps at 2560×1440 resolution. AMD FreeSync did its thing as long as the game maintained around 144fps while AMD’s LFC (low framerate compensation) kicked in when we were dropping below 48FPS from time to time.


Everyone has different tastes in their preferred monitor size and some might even say that “the bigger, the better”. It took me a while to get used to 32″ inches of screen real estate but nonetheless, the ASUS ROG XG32VQR is very immersive.

While 1080p reigns supreme with the general population of PC users – ASUS offers a good package to upgrade to the 2k army – there’s nothing wrong with stepping up your monitor game and the XG32VQR is a clear sight to upgrade on all directions for your monitor choice.

A high refresh rate with a boosted 2k resolution which is a step up from the standard 1080p experience – FreeSync 2 and HDR support is just an icing on top of this rather sweet cake; a curved cake in this case.

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