ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 OC: The Bridge between Turing and Pascal?

With all the uproar and speculations from the public about the RTX line of cards from Nvidia being a rushed piece of hardware – We’re all the point to ask; “Is there an RTX card that is worth looking at for the mainstream consumers?”

ASUS might have the answer to that question – but still in a conservative sense with their take on the RTX 2070.

ASUS RTX 2070 Strix Specs
GPU Clock 1410 mhz
Boost Clock 1815 mhz
Memory Clock 14000 mhz
Tensor Cores 288
Cuda Cores 2304
Memory Bandwidth 256 bit
Board Size 11.83 ” x 5.14 ” x 1.93 ” Inch
Max Resolution 7680×4320
Power Connectors 1 x 6-pin, 1 x 8-pin
RT Cores 36
Slot-width 2.5 slot
First impressions and recommendations

The Strix RTX has a minimalist Strix get up which will surprise most people as the Strix branding is known to be associated with the full blown RGB setup.

ASUS did a great job of toning things down that give the card its own style of elegance without blowing everything out of proportion.

The card itself is holding up well even on the cooling side of things – sitting at 68-70C underloard on default fan profile it came out of the box.

One thing that’s purely subjective on our end is that ASUS could have revamped and improved upon the old Strix style of branding – not entirely changing it but improving upon it; though we did appreciate their take on a [minimalist Strix approach – they could have done more.

Performance and Relative Testing

We are going to use the test results from our 2080 review as it is relative since we have the ASUS RTX 2070 included in the benchmarks there.
You can check it out HERE 

Testing rig:

CPU – Ryzen 7 2700x (stock clocks)

Memory – 2x8GB G.Skill Sniper X 3400MHz DDR4 memory

Motherboard – MSI X470 Gaming Plus

Graphics cards:

Palit Super JetStream GeForce RTX2080

Asus Strix GeForce RTX  2070 Gaming

Asus Poseidon GeForce GTX 1080Ti

Galax GeForce GTX 1080 EXOC White

Here are the relative gaming performance charts in different sets of games that we tested in 4k resolution.

Performance is somewhat on par and sometimes above the GTX 1080 depending on the game. but had no chance to check RTX performance.

4k resolution gaming is acceptable but will see higher and more stable FPS count in 1080p or 1440p – the performance of the card under high resolutions is a good thing to add to the benefit list especially for the price you’ll be paying for it.

Final thoughts and conclusion

RTX cards are truly tools for a different time – however, the RTX 2070 makes sense to buy at this stage. The ASUS RTX 2070 Strix in particular is a great buy with the minimalist Strix coupled with respectable cooling in Turing’s box of graphics goodness and of course a considerate price point. If you want to secure Turing’s technology at such an early timeline – The RTX 2070 is worth checking out especially if you value its use at the current timeline where there are less places to integrate the RTX technology.


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