COMPUTEX 2019 | ASUS at 30 #WiserTogether

Computex have some brands hitting a lot of milestones – AMD at 50 and now ASUS at 30. This is truly a sight to behold not because of the time ASUS has been delivering their premium products to the market but how much they have reached from just 30 years.

ASUS owes it all to its drive to show love, dedication, and compassion to its market. It’s more of passion, and how far a company will be willing to go to please the people

ASUS celebrating 30 years of excellence has released 2 “Edition 30” products.

The Zenbook Edition 30 is lavish and premium take on the leatherette concept without compromising tech specs found here  – This actually had me remembering the thin Nvidia Studio Laptops but a little more stylish of course.

On top of the pristine and striking appearance of the white leather and rose gold – you also get a set of accessories with the laptop including a cool looking mouse!

They also released an Edition 30 for the Zenphone 6 – and this is a bit more iconic and familiar as the original Zenphone 6 was just release lately.

The Zenphone 6 Edition 30 features 12gb RAM, 512gb internal storage, and a 30 month warranty! The caveat for this one is they’ll only be releasing 3000 units – meaning this will totally bring up resale prices when the time comes.


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