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Antlion Modmic has been well received by the enthusiast community as it allows users to turn any headphones into a headset and now we are going to review two of their products: The Modmic UNI and Modmic USB. Gamers and audiophiles alike can now enjoy their headphones and easily turn them into headsets with a high-quality microphone that will surely be on par with any individual microphone setup.

In this Antlion Modmic Uni and USB review, let’s see what these microphones are all about.

General Features and Accessories

In the usual Antlion fashion, the product comes with a hard case and are packed with accessories that will let you set up the modmic with minimal effort.


As the name suggests, the Modmic Uni is a uni-directional microphone that picks up sound from one direction. It is the most simple and no fuss Modmic that comes with the usual accessories and a standard 3.5mm audio jack that you can simply plug in to your computer.

The Modmic USB, however, as the name suggests, uses a USB connection and it also has a toggle switch for unidirectional or omnidirectional microphone pick up pattern giving users flexibility for different use cases.


Both microphones comes with the usual accessories such as a Hard carrying case, alcohol wipe, magnetic base clasps with adhesive, additional adhesive, wire clips, and the user manual.

Setting up is pretty straight forward, just attach one of the magnetic base clasps on either side of your headphone, put the microphone in, manage the cables by clipping the wires together and plug it in. 


3.5mm Jack (modmic uni)

We tested this in our standard gaming PC setup that’s using an MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi motherboard which boasts of a separate pcb tracing for the audio components. However, we noticed that the input signal isn’t as clean as MSI claims as there were a soft hissing noise in our recordings. Nonetheless this is going to be a non issue and can be easily corrected during post, or you can just leave it as is since it won’t be noticed during an intense game session.

USB (modmic USB)

On the same gaming PC, we noticed that the USB powered Modmic has a cleaner signal than the Modmic Uni given that there is a lot of EMI noise coming from the other components in the gaming computer. But just like with the 3.5mm jack, this should be a non-issue during gaming sessions.

Sound Quality

We are amazed by the sound quality of both microphones and we have provided some samples that you can listen to in this article. We compared it to the stock microphone of the Cooler Master MH751. To our ears, the Antlion Modmics stood out as they sound more balanced and crisp than the stock microphone of the MH751 which is a little boomy on the low ends.

Here are some sound clips that you can listen to for comparison:

Antlion Modmic Uni Sound Test
Antlion Modmic USB Sound Test
Cooler Master MH751 mic test

Final Thoughts

Overall, we’d recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an alternative, non-intrusive, quality microphone mod for their headsets, and perhaps for those who are looking for a simpler microphone setup other than the bulky and messy condenser mic setups that people usually have.

Modmic USB Specs

Type: Detachable boom microphone
Design: Uni-directional & omni-directional
Mutable: With an in-line digital mute button
Connection: USB-A (compatible with Win, Mac, Linux, PS4)
Bitrate: 16bit/48kHz max sampling
Cable length: 6.5ft (2m)

Modmic Uni Specs

Type: Detachable boom microphone
Design: Uni-directional
Mutable: With an in-line mute switch
Connection: 3.5mm, AUX plug
Cable length: 6.5ft (2m)

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