AeroCool 800w RGB Ready PSU

When our good friends from AeroCool sent us a list of hardware that they want us to try out, the power supply was one thing that caught our attention. On the list it actually said “Rave 800W PSU RGB” and we thought this was a power supply that has an RGB fan installed just like the Thermaltake ones. But it turns out that it’s just “RGB ready”, meaning that it has an extra connection to power an RGB header.

Having used power supplies from AeroCool before, specifically their Strike-X semi-modular PSU’s, we are familiar with the reliability of these power supplies considering their value and we have never encountered any sort of problem with them.

The AeroCool Rave series of power supplies are non modular but are rated for 80 Plus efficiency. The Rave 800W PSU has the standard cables: a 24 pin ATX power, 12v 4+4 pin EPS, two dual 6+2 pin PCIe power, several molex and SATA power connections, and lastly, 12v RGB headers (male and female) to power up RGB devices. Though we thought that it should have an extra 8 pin EPS connector for those motherboards that would need dual 8 pin EPS for the CPU power.

Being a power supply with 80 Plus efficiency, we are confident that this PSU will be able to handle loads up to 800w consistently. We tested this by hooking it up in a Ryzen 2700X system overclocked at 4.3GHz at 1.42v as well as rocking a Gigabyte RTX 2080Ti. The system was drawing around 633w of power when we were conducting our benchmark suite and it remained stable under heavy stress. WIth this, we knew that the Rave 800w is doing it’s job properly.

The only complaint that we have with this power supply is it’s audible coil whine which a lot louder than the PSU fan that glows red. Other than that, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this power supply to anyone who is looking to spend around Php3,750 for a power supply.

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Final thoughts

Given that this is an 80+ certified power supply, you can be very confident that this will power your high end gaming PC. It was able to run our Ryzen 7 2700X + RTX 2080Ti system with no hiccups so that’s one thing we are very sure of.

The only thing we found lacking on this PSU is that it could use an extra 8-pin 12v ATX for the CPU power and they could’ve opted to use black cables instead of the old school looking red, yellow, and black cables. Well, for one, the colored cables are good indicators of how what voltage actually runs on the cables, but then again, it’s 2019 and the ketchup/mustard colored cables can ruin a PC’s color scheme. Aside from that, this power supply is of great value.

  • 800w rated power at 80+ Efficiency. Can power up a high end system with no problem if that’s what you’re going for.
  • Ketchup/mustard colored cables.
  • Audible coil whine.



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