Cyber Security

CYBER SECURITY | New malware can survive even on reinstalled OS, wiped-out HDD/SSD

Slovak based IT security company, ESET, has recently confirmed the existence of a dangerous malware, dubbed LoJax, that infects a targeted computer by re-writing the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) which is located in the motherboard’s flash memory, allowing it to survive even when you wipe/replace your hard disk and re-install your operating system. UEFI […]

Keyboard PC Hardware Peripherals

REVIEW | ROG Claymore Gaming Mechanical Keyboard – When You Absolutely Have To Be Extra

“The ROG Claymore is definitely something to consider in buying if modularity and maximum usage peaks your interest – a premium modular keyboard that is user friendly and easy to adjust to..” Keyboards have been something important in the tech industry – It was more than just a peripheral. and in the times of innovation […]

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REVIEW | ROG Strix Fusion Wireless Headphones – Minimalist Gaming Powerhouse

RGB lighting, decked out software, intimidating look and design – We’ve all been accustomed to the usual “Gamer” design. However, the ASUS ROG Strix Fusion Wireless Headphones sets a new look for the sophisticated and modern gamer with their less messy take on the peripherals over your head. Platform: PC, PS4, Switch etc (Basically anything […]